Tuesday , 2 September 2014
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Yantouch Black Diamond 3 Wireless 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System Review – A Dazzling Illumination Of Sound

Portable Bluetooth sound systems have recently been applying themselves as all-in-one solutions, effectively phasing-out standard docking speakers by providing a wireless solution.

This addition allows for manufacturers to think outside the box when it comes to physical design. Instead of being limited to two speakers on the side, and the standard docking connector in the middle, Bluetooth allows a more imaginative, less restrictive layout.

yantouch black diamond 3 bd3 bluetooth 2.1 wireless speakers

The Yantouch Black Diamond 3 is the perfect example of this free design philosophy. At $129, the somewhat pricy BD3 Bluetooth speaker system has one of the most elegant designs we have seen. As we will see, the performance certainly backs-up not only the look, but also the price.


There is not a lot of info on the Black Diamond 3 system aside from it have an eight-LED mix, alongside 128mm x 130mm x 119m (W x D x H) dimensions. Luckily there are a few tidbits of information left by Yantouch around the web, so we will cover each as we inspect the device further.

yantouch black diamond 3 bd3 bluetooth 2.1 wireless speakers

As for packaging, the BD3 comes in a cylindrical container that shows-off features and different colours:

yantouch black diamond 3 bd3 bluetooth 2.1 wireless speakers

Contents include the the BD3 of course, as well as a wireless remote, quick-user guide, promo items, USB wall charger, and a mini-USB data/charging cable split with a 3.5mm male audio jack header for devices without Bluetooth:

yantouch black diamond 3 bd3 bluetooth 2.1 wireless speakers

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  1. Hi Deepak,

    This is Ken Ouyang, President of Yantouch. Thanks for your frank and in-depth review.
    IceDiamond+, a battery version with app, is coming up soon. Would you like to review it when it’s ready? please contact me at ken.ouyang@yantouch.com. Thanks.

    Warm Cheers,

  2. Woah! this is really cool ,i like the shape.soo amazing !!

    Here’s a list of best wireless speakers 2013,must see and share your reviews :)


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